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Want to book our gym for your personal use?  Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to confirm.


  • Strict maximum of 4 participants (for updates to this information please confirm by sending an email to
  • Change of shoes (indoor shoes) is required for the facility to protect the floor space.
  • No drinks, gum or food are allowed on the surface.
  • Please bring your own basketball(s).
  • There will be a table that has sanitizer for your use.
  • The net height will be set at 10 feet.
  • Please leave immediately after your time ends as its important to manage gym capacity during Covid.
  • Video camera is in the gym for the protection of the business and client.
  • No trainers are allowed/skill coaches (unless providing own insurance).
  • If playing music please confirm that the golf group is ok as it could cause disruption to their business.