My name is Coach D; basketball Director of skills training at Higher Training Basketball Academy. Over the last several years I have had the privilege to travel North America to meet college coaches and attend their practices, attend college exposure camps, and I personally have had the pleasure of working with over 400 athletes to date, through my coaching and camps. 

Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure to be mentored by professional basketball skills coach Ganon Baker.

All of our classes coached by me or with my staff. Our gym location is 1233 Dillon road, Burlington, ON.

The concepts your children will learn at the academy will prepare them to be winners within the sport and winners in life.  Through consistent repetition your child learn:

  • Ball movement (passing, dribbling and being basketball tough)
  • Player movement (moving without the ball)
  • Spacing
  • Screening
  • Drive & Kick options

Results can only be achieved by a way of:

  • Repetition
  • Recycle
  • Repeat
  • Review
  • Recite (we ask our students to teach us back what we’ve taught)

Research suggests that It takes 10,000 tries to learn something new and 10,000 hours equivalent to an undergraduate degree to be considered knowledgeable in a specific field. For greater results you need more repetition and build your environment to be around individuals who are working towards the same common goal… SUCCESS.

A course that is focused on introducing and building the fundamentals of basketball. This class is filled with great individual and team drills, games and concepts. This is the perfect course for players that are new/ novice to basketball. We have adjustable basketball nets to assist players of all beginner abilities.

Players will learn how to communicate (even the kids who are naturally quiet) with coaches and players, function as a group to complete competitions. Our goal is to develop leadership skills that will start to shape their identify for the future.

Each of our programs operate in a 12 week cycle. Players in our beginner program will be assessed for advancement to our beginner competitive program.

When athletes are making the transition from grade school to high school there is a bit of gap. In high school, players can be a lot faster, athletic and stronger. Our academy will start to introduce drills and physical activities to prepare your child for the rigours of high school basketball.

The very same applies for athletes who are playing rep basketball. The game starts to evolve when the rules change from equal playing time to the best players play.

This course is meant for the athlete that has acquired basic skills and is looking to learn advanced pivot, passing and shooting drills. These are necessary skills a player should have by the time they enter high school/ rep level competition. This is a must-have course for players want to build on their will to win, compete for a team roster spot and be an impact player for their team.

Building on the skills learned from prep for rep, this course continues to build on principles gained and start to build players towards consistent habits, identifying the role that each individual player can contribute to their respective teams. In this course we focus a lot on repeatable mechanics.

Through skill assessments and competitive drills we identify the following abilities to play the next level:

  • Rebounding
  • Leadership skills
  • Shooting off the dribble, off the catch, on the move
  • Finishing around the rim
  • Understanding basketball terminology and game reads
  • Work ethic, effort, attitude and desire
  • Ability to communicate, command the ball (if a high scoring ability), and lead

High school is a time period where athletes have multiple decisions, they may not be recruited and are eagerly seeking a university to contact them. By players continuously working on their skills to deliver value this will help them to attract coaches through game play, tournaments and exposure camps.

Our coaches have similar stories of what high school players are going through and will teach from our experience to help improve the outcomes of athletes in our high school program.

At Higher Training Basketball Academy its our mission to help athletes to become impactful, improve player self-confidence, and self-awareness of their individual abilities in sport and life. This high school course will help to remove fear and prepare them mentally and physically for college.

In this program the individual and our group has defined goals to be achieved and we can zero in on improving strengths and weakness. The coach and student(s) will design a road map strategy to outline goals, how these goals will be achieved and make a declaration of a commitment towards excellency that will aid as daily reminders.

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